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The occult subjects like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, I-Ching, Vedic Astrology, Lal-Kitab, Remedial Astrology (Medical Jyotish), Financial Astrology, Vastu and Jaimini Astrology etc. have fascinated people down the ages. A lot of people are greatly interested in these various methods of divination – which can unfold the future for them. There are still some people who really wish to master the subject(s), and are very eager to learn the intricacies involved for delineation of results.

Mindsutra Software Technologies is an assorted group of well-qualified, considerably experienced, liberal – yet very practical, and progressive-minded persons – who have an indomitable spirit and ever-optimistic outlook in common; they have been carefully chosen from diverse fields for the purpose of fulfilling an honest objective. It is a dedicated group of competent professionals which have committed to provide authentic, reliable and researchable astrological Software, Apps as well as astrological tools and techniques.

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The principles of financial astrology are based on the same principles as traditional astrology, which is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies and their supposed influence on human affairs and natural phenomena. However, financial astrology focuses specifically on the financial markets and how celestial bodies may influence them.

To practice financial astrology, an individual must first have a strong understanding of astrology and its principles. This includes knowledge of the planets and their corresponding astrological signs, as well as an understanding of the various aspects and angles formed between the planets.

Once these basics are understood, the financial astrologer can then begin to analyze the movements and positions of celestial bodies in relation to the financial markets. This can involve looking at the positions of planets in relation to each other and to key points in the financial markets, such as the stock market index or major currencies. Our ASTRO FINCALC 3.5 software can help to Astrologers to indicate profitable way to deciding stock market up and down health.


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Paid Reports

Purchase and download Premium reports for Vedic Astrology, Lal - Kitab, Numerological and Remedial Astrology.

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Free Reports

Click here to Download more than 20 Pages of Astrological Horoscope report, this service is Free for website visitors.

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Software Demo

Click here to see the Video Demos of Mindsutra's Desktop Applications & Get maximum information related the software.


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E-Kundali Touch is our premium apps for Vedic Astrology which have Main Vedic Astrology, Transit, Marriage Matching and Varshphala (Annual Horoscope).
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Red Astro Touch is our premium App for Lal-Kitab, which have most of Lal-kitab Tools and Technique and Vast Predictions. Lal-Kitab Varshaphala is also available in this App.
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Vedic Numerology is our premium App for Numerology, Which have Vedic Numerosocope and details predictions on the various constants of Numerology.
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Astro Remedies is our Premium App for Remedial Astrology, Which have Ratna, Rudraksha recommendation and vast knowledge related to Planets remedies and dasha related remedies.
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KP Astro is our Premium app for KP astrology and KP-Horary.