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About Us

Mindsutra Software Technologies is an assorted group of well-qualified, considerably experienced, liberal – yet very practical, and progressive-minded persons – who have an indomitable spirit and ever-optimistic outlook in common; they have been carefully chosen from diverse fields for the purpose of fulfilling an honest objective. It is a dedicated group of competent professionals – who are fully prepared to take the pain and the pleasure as the obverse sides of the same coin; in spite of the poles apart differences in their basic background fields, they have been blended together and condensed into a single wholesome cluster – for the purpose of working for a worthy cause.


Mindsutra Software Technologies has a total strength of 16 dedicated and hard-working top-notch professionals, with no idly ruminating overhead; the strength has been increasing slowly and steadily. Our individual members come from various backgrounds – covering Science, Technology, Engineering, Language, Literature, Administration, Management, Law, etc; it is needless to mention that quite a number of them are full-fledged Computer professionals as well. Besides, we have some highly competent persons – each of whom is a master in his respective field – like Astrologer, Palmist, Painter, Artist, etc. All of these individuals possess the wealth of their hard-earned experience – acquired by virtue of having exposure to the practical working fields for a prolonged period of time. They are commonly guided by the single goal: to set a healthy trend by doing some meaningful work for producing something really very useful – from which it could be earnestly expected that almost all the end-users would truly be benefited, and feel very satisfied.

Mindsutra Software Technologies attaches foremost importance to the invaluable wealth, which is more commonly known as knowledge; since it is the only kind of mundane wealth, which never gets diminished –

rather gets enhanced – by the process of disseminating. Mindsutra Software Technologies proposes to trot by leaps and bounds by offering benefits to others. All the individuals of the team will consider themselves blessed, and amply rewarded, if their efforts can sow the seeds in the fertile soil of the minds of the inquisitive learners, with which they would reap rich harvests in the periods that lie ahead in not-so-distant future. The policy of Mindsutra Software Technologies is that it would show the unique way how it is capable of helping itself – it is simply by helping others!

The occult subjects like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, I-Ching, etc have fascinated people down the ages. A lot of people are greatly interested in these various methods of divination – which can unfold the future for them. There are still some people who really wish to master the subject(s), and are very eager to learn the intricacies involved for delineation of results. Although in the recent past, quite a number of software CDs have been brought out in the market, almost all of them are mere commercial products; they can hardly serve the actual requirements of the seriously inclined inquisitive persons. In the name of offering predictions, what they actually offer is an indigestible heterogeneous hotchpotch of stale jargon, confusing arguments, and a lot of froth! What a pity!

For the purpose of filling up this particular need, we are coming up with software CDs that will lay special emphasis on the practical and useful side of things – the predictive aspects. We are going to present you with a number of titles very soon, and many more will follow in close succession. We are going to begin with Lal Kitab Astrology Vedic Astrology Numerology I-Ching (including Bio-Rhythm), etc Very soon, we are going to bring out compendium software CDs on: Traditional Indian Astrology Prashna Shashtra (Horary Astrology) Muhurta (Electional Astrology), and Western Astrology. We also have plans for bringing out software CDs on: Medical Astrology, and Mundane Astrology. We wish to assure you that our products will not be just another – like many others, it will rather be decisively original; other people cannot be able to make anything like this in the decades to come. Definitely, there always lies the scope for something more; and it would be only natural to expect that we would keep on moving – and always in the very desired direction. By laying brick upon brick, we are going to build a strong wall – which will never act as a divisive barrier, but will act as a great unifier! Wishing the very best, prosperity and happiness. Sincerely yours, MINDSUTRA Team