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Mindsutra Software technologies innovative service to provide ready-made astrological web applications for attracting the crowd on your website.

Vedic Astrology webApp

web modules

Astrological Particulars: Main Details, Avakahada Chakra & Ghatak Chakra Planetary Positions & Dispositions: Lagna Kundali, Moon Kundali, Navamsha Kundali \ Planets (Retrogration, Combust etc)

* VimshottariDasha & AntarDasha

* Signs, Degrees, Speed, Sign Lord, Nakshtra (Charan), Nakshatra Lord, Navamsha Sign, Navamsha Lord\n Diginity- Exalted, Deblitated, Own Sign, Own Naksahtra etc.

Marriage matching WebApp

web modules

*Lagna Kundali, Navamsha Kundali

*Vimshottari Dasha of Bride& Groom

*Asta Koota Agreement

*Conclusion for Marriage Suitability

*Planetary Positions & Dispositions

*Sensitive Points (Beeja Sphoota, Kshetra Sphoota)

Annul Server Maintinance Charge (AMC) : 2500 Rs per year (applicable After one year complition)

Lal Kitab WebApp

web modules

*Astrological Particulars - Main Details, Avakahada Chakra & Ghatak Chakra, Janma Din & Janma Samay ka Graha

*Planetary Positions-All the Details about planets & other informations

*Planet's Aspects(Lal Kitab)

*Lal Kitab Dasha (Natural)

*Lal Kitab Dasha (Planet of TOB)

Vedic Numerology WebApp

web modules

*Root Number (Moolank) Calculation, Destiny Number (Bhagyank) Calculation, Name Number (Namank) Calculation based on 4 popular name number calculations (Chaldean, Pythagorean, Hebrew, Numerary system.), Sun Sign.

*Prediction based on Sun Sign and Root Number ( General, Health, Wealth etc.)