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The occult subjects like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, I-Ching, Vedic Astrology, Lal-Kitab, Remedial Astrology, Medical Jyotish, Financial Astrology, Vastu and Jaimini Astrology etc. have fascinated people down the ages. A lot of people are greatly interested in these various methods of divination which can unfold the future for them. There are still some people who really wish to master the subjects, and are very eager to learn the intricacies involved for delineation of results. Mindsutra Software Technologies is an assorted group of well qualified, considerably experienced, liberal yet very practical, and progressive minded persons who have an indomitable spirit and ever optimistic outlook in common they have been carefully chosen from diverse fields for the purpose of fulfilling an honest objective. It is a dedicated group of competent professionals which have committed to provide authentic, reliable and researchable astrological Software, Apps as well as astrological tools and techniques.

Best Designed Reports
Download Premium Horoscope|JanmaPatrika

Discover our Horoscope/Janma Patrika service, created using the Parashari, Jaimini, and Lal Kitab principles. Our reports are accurate and detailed, offering you personal astrological insights at a much lower cost than others in the market. Whether you want to know about your future, check compatibility, or understand the influence of planets, our service provides high-quality guidance that is both affordable and easy to understand. Find out more about your destiny today with our expert Horoscope/Janma Patrika, and get professional astrological advice without spending too much.

  • Bhrigu Janma Patrika
  • Jyotish Jeevan Darpan
  • Jyotish Life-Sutra
  • Jyotish Sanjeevani
  • Jyotish Sukh-Samridhi
  • Lal-Kitab Jeevan Chakra
  • Lal-Kitab Samhita
Newly Launched Astrology Software based on Windows
Astro Fincalc Product box

The principles of financial astrology are based on the same...

Red Astro 11 box image
Red Astro 11

Mindsutra's Latest and Top Rated Software on Lal Kitab Astrology.

Kp Astro Product Box
Starlight Premium

Invites astrologers who are keen on extending their brand...

Astrology Apps based on Android (Mobile Apps)
E-Kundali Touch Product box
Ekundali Touch

EKundali Touch is a comprehensive and innovative Android app...

Red Astro Touch Product box
Red Astro Touch

Red Astro Touch the latest and most advanced Android app...

Astro Remedies Product box

Astrology-Remedies app your one-stop solution for all things...

Vedic Numerology Product box
Vedic Numerology

Unlocking the secrets of life through the power of numbers...

Kp-Astro Touch Product box
KP-Astro Touch

KPAstro is an astrology app that uses the KP system for birth...

More mobile apps Product box
More Android Apps

Visti Google Paly Store for our more Astrology Mobile Apps...

Vedic Astrology Software bassed on Windows
E-Kundali 10 Product box
E-Kundali 10

All the basic, advance and premium calculations like...

E-Kundali Premium 10 Product box
E-Kundali 10 Premium

E-Kundali 10 Premium is latest edition of Vedic Astrology...

E-Kundali Professional 6 Product box
E-Kundali Pro. 6.0

The following information is contained in the software like Transit...

E-Kundali Premium 6 Product box
E-Kundali Premium 6.0

Mindsutra's E-Kundali Premium 6.0 in Multilingual Software...

E-Kundali basic 4 Product box
E-Kundali 4.0

Mindsutra's E-Kundali 4.0 home edition in Multilingual languageSoftware...

Profession Product box
Profession 1.0

Among all the possible events and happenings of normal adult life...

Lal-Kitab(Red Book) Astrology Software based Windows
Red Astro 11 Product box
Red Astro 11

Mindsutra's Latest and Top Rated Software on Lal Kitab Astrology.

Red Astro Premium Product box
Red Astro Premium 8.0

All The Predictions and Charts and Tools are based on Lal-Kitab...

Red Astro Profession Product box
Red Astro Pro. 8.0

Mindsutra's Professional Edition of Lal-Kitab is Red Astro 8.0...

Lal-Kitab 6 Product box
Red Astro Pro. 6.0

Red Astro 6.0 contains following details- Teva, Astrology, Lal Kitab.

Lal-Kitab Home Product box
Red Astro Home 3.5

Red Astro 3.5 is Home edition Software which based on Lal-Kitab.

E-Lal Kitab 4 Product box
E-Lal Kitab 4.0

E-Lal Kitab 4 is basic edition software which is based on Lal-Kitab.

Numerology(Ank Shastra) Astrology Software based on Windows
Numerology Premium Product box
Numerology 10

World’s biggest software on Numerology on the level of content...

Numerology Professional Product box
Numerology 3.5

There are many option given to analysis to Life through numerology.

Numerology Basic Product box
Numerology 1.0

The study of the numbers and their occult significations is of...

Jaimini Astrology Software based on Windows
Jaimini Light Professional Product box
Jaimini Light 2.0

Although Jaimini system of Astrology is generally considered to be an...

Jaimini Light Premium Product box
Jaimini Light 10

Jaimini Light 10 is multilingual Proffesional edition on Jaimini System.

Remedial(Medical) Astrology Software based on Windows
Astro Remedies Professional Product box
Astro Remedies 3.5

If there is problem, there is solution too. Mindsutra Software Technologies...

Medical Astrology Professional Product box
Astro Health Scope

A comprehensive software on medical astrology. Analysis of 26 groups of...

Marrigae(Gun-Milan) Astrology Software based on Windows
Marriage Matching Product box
Marriage Astro Premium

It is our Premium edition for analysing the Marriage compatibility.

Marriage Matching Home Edition Product box
Marriage Matching 1.0

The structure of the institution of marriage is extremely complicated...

Check out our Other Astrology Software based on Windows
Lal-Kitab Vastu Professional Product box
Lal-Kitab Vastu 3.5

World’s first Vastu software based on Janma Kundali...

Lal-Kitab Vastu Professional Product box
Bhrigu Naadi

Bhrigu Naadi Software is based on both the systems of R.G. Rao

Lal-Kitab Vastu Professional Product box
Kp-Logy Advance

krishnamurti paddhati is a somewhat heterogeneous yet very systematic...

Kp-Logy Free Product box
KPLogy Free

Mindsutra's KP-Logy Free Software Download and use it.

Mindsutra's Free and Paid Horoscope
A man reading Horoscope
Paid Horoscope Reports

Purchase and download Premium reports for Vedic Astrology, Lal - Kitab, Numerological and Remedial Astrology.

Free horoscope image, a man reading book
Free Horoscope Reports

Click here to Download more than 20 Pages of Astrological Horoscope report, this service is Free for website visitors.

A man watching software on the computer
Softwares VideoDemo

Click here to see the Video Demos of Mindsutra's Desktop Applications & Get maximum information related the software.

image indicating astrology panchang
Sarvanand Panchang

Panchang" basically use for knowing the five parts for the particular day. The 5 element of panchang are Vaar, Tithi, Nakshtra, Yoga and Karan.

A image indicating web astrology
Astrology Web Services

Mindsutra's Team developing Web based tools for attracting users on your website, like Free Kundali Download free Rashiphal etc.

A image indicating Muhurth basis on astrology
Sarvanand Muhurth

It is believed that selecting the right muhurta connects action with the flow of the cosmos, raising the possibility of success.

Mindsutra's Premium Horoscopes (Janma-Kundali)
A image shows premium vedic astrology Horoscope
Jyotish Sanjivani

Pure Astrological life analysis Horoscope (Janma-Patrika) in multiligual language, lot of Astrological system coverd in this Section you can choose which on your trust.

A image shows premium Marriage Matching Horoscope
Parinay Sutra

Click to get Match-Making Horoscope, This Report will be for Match Making Score and Compatibility Checking, Matching plays important role at the time of marriage.

A image shows premium Lal-Kitab astrology Horoscope
Lal-Kitab Sagar

This Reports have all the required Calculation for Lal Kitab Astrologers with 1 Year Varshaphala Chart, Predictions and Remedies, Varshphala with Predictions.

A image shows whole of life vedic astrology Horoscope
Jeevan Chakra

Life analysing Horoscope in multiligual language, there are many system and variuos Tools are available, flexibility and Premium options available to pages designs

Vedic web app icon
Vedic Astrology

Astrological Particulars: Main Details, Avakahada Chakra & Ghatak Chakra Planetary Positions & Dispositions: Lagna Kundali, Moon Kundali, Navamsha Kundali \ Planets (Retrogration, Combust etc)

Lal-Kitab web app icon
Lal Kitab

Astrological Particulars - Main Details, Avakahada Chakra & Ghatak Chakra, Janma Din & Janma Samay ka Graha, Planetary Positions-All the Details about planets & other informations.

Nuemerology web app icon
Vedic Numerology

Moolank Calculation, Destiny Number Calculation, Name Number Calculation based on 4 popular name number calculations (Chaldean, Pythagorean, Hebrew, Numerary system.), Sun Sign.

Marriage related web app icon
Marriage matching

*Lagna Kundali, Navamsha Kundali, Vimshottari Dasha of Bride& Groom, Asta Koota Agreement, Conclusion for Marriage Suitability,Planetary Positions & Dispositions, Sensitive Points (Beeja & Kshetra Sphoota)